Odaiba's landmark giant Gundam wasn't the first mecha statue in Japan, but having stood tall since 2012, it may be the most recognizable.

Unfortunately, it's been announced that the heroic statue will be removed on March 5th, 2017, ending a five year watch.

The 18 meter tall Gundam statue was first installed in Toritsu Shiokaze Park back in 2009. With attractions of 4 million visitors after 52 days, it became a must-see for fans of the Gundam franchise, as well as somewhat of an iconic landmark for Japan's love of robots. On July 10th of 2010, it moved to the world’s mecha capital “Hobby Shizuoka.” Then it moved to its current location in Odaiba. The whole exhibition process has totaled over 8 years, and so it's surprising to see what many thought was the final and permanent display coming to an end.

There are some reported rumblings about Bandai that suggest a new Gundam project is being planned. The project could possibly be related to giving the Gundam some upgrades and introducing a new model after the 8 year run, including some functional mobility. Whatever the new project is, there's still time to bid farewell to the current incarnation in Odaiba.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.