With housing that tends to be very economic about space, it's a bit uncommon to see large dogs in Japan. There are some cases where the size of a bigger dog, such as this Great Pyrenees, may come in handy, however. Take for instance, these two kids having a rather serious brother battle. As it comes to blows and gets out of hand, the dog can be seen trying to intervene, separate the brothers, and put an end to the fight.

If you're finding it a bit uncomfortable that someone is filming and not intervening while the dog does all the work, you're not alone. Comments on social media in both English and Japanese echo those feelings, and even appear to have had a hand in prompting a Japanese television show meeting up with the family to see how things normally go.

The television segment is a little difficult to get through without Japanese knowledge, but it's not very long. The dog is a one year old male Great Pyrenees that belongs to the Kawamura family named Bran. The two kids, Issho (older) and Junsei (younger). While the brothers sometimes get into physical fights, the television program speculates that dogs naturally prefer peaceful situations and have an inclination to want to end the confrontation, and that Bran in particular is a gentle dog that has been raised playing intimately with the kids and thus puts an end to their fights. Others have commented, saying that the Great Pyrenees is typically overprotective of children, and will even interrupt hugs, not just rough play.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.