Kotatsu have been around for a long time, but it's right around this time of year that Japanese social media begins buzzing with anticipation to break them out!

The brutality of hot and humid summers has passed, and now the fall chill is pushing people to cozy up in home and just flat-out hibernate. Fortunately, Japan has the perfect piece of furniture for just that--the Kotatsu:


Source: Belle Maison

The Kotatsu is pretty simple. You take a low-situated table (as most Japanese houses have) with a heater installed underneath, and then trap the heat with a heavy and comfy blanket. Almost all Japanese houses lack central heating, and thus the Kotatsu has become a staple of warm comfort to rely on. While the concept is rather straight-forward, its many uses are what make it so popular.

Not just a heat source, but a communal center for bonding and eating.


Source: © Japankuru


Source: Instagram

Or just as a personal relaxation space.


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Source: Belle Maison

Pets love them as well!


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Source: YouTube

Most notable is that among Japanese people, there is a phenomenon regarding a laziness-based addiction to Kotatsu. The heat and comfort of the contraption often seems to sap people of their energy and they just don't want to leave. So as great as these things are, if you have some important things on your daily to-do list, then beware! The video below is a spoof of this condition.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.