It's not uncommon to stumble upon a vending machine or convenience store aisle offering a "drinkable" version of an otherwise not-usually so drinkable treat, such as drinkable cream puffs and drinkable strawberry shortcake.

Japanese sweets and snacks maker Morinaga seems to be making the concept a regular lineup nowadays (when they're not in the lab working on creamy mayonnaise ice cream bars and pancake steamed buns).

Their follow-up to their super sweet "drinkable soft serve ice cream" latest seasonal release takes a Japanese fall favorite--roasted sweet potato--and turns into a beverage.

Particularly in rural Japan, you can sometimes hear a delivery truck patrol neighborhoods selling slowly roasted "yaki imo", or roasted Japanese sweet potato. They're enjoyed as a fall and winter warming treat, and Morinaga says their new beverage combines the sweetness and aroma of a freshly served yaki imo with the richness of milk.

If you're curious to drink a Japanese sweet potato, you can find the carton beverage in stores around Japan (excluding Okinawa) starting October 13th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.