Grocery shopping can be a big pain in the butt, but not for the customers at one supermarket in Tottori Prefecture. During a recent trip to the store, Japanese Twitter user @tukiuta_2525 wandered into the fish section only to discover that she had walked into a magic show being performed by one of the employees.

Positioning his hands around a crab like a true magician, the employee lifts the crustacean out of the box and makes it float in midair, prompting laughter and applause from his eager audience.

Soon, the apron-clad magician is seen wielding not one but three crabs, spinning them slowly or just letting them dangle in the air.

Of course, while none of the crabs were alive during the magic trick, the end of the performance revealed the true fate of the ten-legged trio — a hot pot filled with simmering water. It's there that we presume the magician pulled out his best tricks, and if they were as any good as the magic he performed earlier, he'll probably have to start practicing with other creatures of the sea too.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.