Ramen has gone from being one of Japan's most beloved fast food dishes to a culinary juggernaut of the world, and more and more people continue to become captive to the delicious combination of expertly made noodles and broth. Though it may look like a relatively simple bowl of noodles, every bowl of ramen has its own unique flavors and textures and is presented to customers in its most perfected form by ramen chefs. But one of the biggest obstacles to enjoying ramen is the actual eating part of it, and many find it tricky to masterfully devour a bowl while it is still hot and delicious. Luckily for all ramen-lovers, Shigeto Kamada, owner of Kambi Ramen House in New York City, has shared a few key tips to getting the ultimate ramen eating experience with every bowl.

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When the ramen arrives, the first thing Kamada recommends doing is sampling the broth before tasting the noodles and other ingredients. The broth is the heart of ramen, and a delicious broth is a sign of a heavenly bowl of ramen. Sampling the broth can be done with a renge spoon, or directly from the bowl.

Perhaps the most imperative step to eating ramen is the slurping part. Making lots of noise while eating may not be the most well-mannered thing to do in many cultures, but in Japan, slurping noodles is considered the best way to enjoy them for various reasons. For one thing, ramen is a combination of noodles and broth, and slurping the noodles will allow the flavor of both to blend beautifully in the mouth. It also aerates the noodles and broth, giving more depth to the flavor.

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Ramen must also be eaten while hot, and slurping makes it easier to eat quicker. Eating slowly will only make the noodles suck up the soup and expand, leaving customers with nothing but soggy, lukewarm noodles. This not only takes away from the delicious flavor of the ramen, but negates hours of effort put into the bowl by the chefs of the restaurant.

As Kamada says, go wild when eating ramen! With a dish so tasty, it would be a shame not to get the most flavor out of it.

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