Scold a cat for being naughty and you're likely to get one of many possible reactions — flight, an icy glare, or even sheer indifference. But if your cat is shrewd like that of Japanese Twitter user @suke6manchi's, it'll be keen enough to know that depending on who's doing the scolding, it can utilize its endearing feline powers to be forgiven at the drop of a hat.

Being the smart cat that she is, two-year-old Munchkin Nonoko revealed such tactics at home with her two human parents: @suke6manchi and her husband. Though Nonoko seemed to understand that an angry @suke6manchi wouldn't be fazed by her wide-eyed gaze and furry face, she figured out that the same situation could be dealt with quite differently with @suke6manchi's husband. Cueing the most adorable, heart melting expression she could muster, it was with stark contrast that she responded to each of her upset owners.

Left: When I scold Nonoko/Right: When my husband scolds Nonoko

It wasn't long, however, until @suke6manchi found out that Nonoko was taking advantage of her own adorableness to fool the husband. But it looks like Nonoko ultimately won the battle, as she remorselessly continued to manipulate @suke6manchi's husband despite the camera shutter clicking right in front of her face.

This just reconfirms the fact that cats can be extra sneaky, and that fathers will always be head over heels for their little girls.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.