Melon-pan (Pan being the Japanese word for bread) is Japanese style sweet bread, coated with sweet, crusty cookie dough on top.

A melon-pan specialty bakery store “Melon de Melon” (Sunrise Inc., headquarter in: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan) had its winter special menu “Baked cheese cake Melon-pan” debut on November 20th, 2020.

Enjoy this mouth-watering and rich flavored Melon-pan, for a limited time only.

[Baked cheese cake Melon-pan]

A dreamy collaborative recipe of Melon pan & Baked Cheese cake is here! Melon-pan that is full of rich cheese aroma is filled delicious cream cheese.

What makes this Melon-pan so special is that it is filled with delicious cream cheese inside! It gives you an illusion of flavor as if you are biting into a baked cheese cake. It has a depth in its favor like no other Melon-pan.

Price: 250 yen

Availability : From November 20th, 2020 to end of January 2021 (*this is a seasonal item. The availability depends on its stock volume)

Locations :All 30 locations of Melon de Melon, nation wide

This addictive, yet subtle “Sweet & Salty” flavor is a great sophisticated sweet for adults.

There is a hint of saltiness in deliciously sweet flavor of Melon-pan that you can never get tired of, no matter how many you eat!

*Depending on the locations, the Melon-pan may not have the usual top coating sugar.

FYI: You can REALLY taste the saltiness even more so with less sugar coating on top.

[About Melon de Melon]

It is a chain takeout bakery shop specializing in Melon-pan. You can also enjoy other pastries from them such as apple pies, croissants, and other delicious sweets of many different countries at their shops.

Official website.

By - Mugi.