Art fans may remember tacit but incredibly talented Japanese illustrator Avogado6 (アボガド6), whose artwork frequently explores the darker side of societal and mental issues in thought-provoking detail. While we've had the pleasure of introducing his singular pieces before (part 1, 2, 3, 4), Avogado6 also sometimes illustrates continuing series with recurring characters.

One such series (which appears to be ongoing) is the surprisingly romantic set of illustrations Avogado6 has made depicting the Medusa of Greek Mythology falling in love. Of course, as no man can match gazes with her without turning to stone, the object of her affection is fittingly a blind man, which makes for a pretty pure love story. Of course, Avogado6 tells it (so far) with his distinct style. Here's each illustration with the accompanying (translated) title.

Apparently Medusa wasn't so good with games as a child...

Red light, green light

Source: Avogado6


Bed Head

Source: Avogado6

Love Letter

Source: Avogado6

Your Eyes

Source: Avogado6

Three Braids

Medusa has a habit of hanging out with her own hair snakes, it seems.

Tea party

Source: Avogado6

Which as a Twitter user points out, also have a tendency to flirt with the blind man.

By - Big Neko.