Nestled near the base of Tokyo tower is Ukai, a traditional Japanese restaurant specializing in tofu and surrounded by beautiful gardens. You can experience the feel of the Edo (Tokyo as it was known 200 years ago), but today’s conveniences and skyscrapers are blended in together for a beautiful representation of past and present.

Ukai has over 6,600m² of beautifully manicured gardens and all of the employees wear traditional Japanese clothing. There’s even a koi pond where cherry blossom petals float above the beautiful swimmers in the springtime.

Popular YouTuber Chris Okano says that this is the best restaurant he’s ever been to in Tokyo and recommends this experience for everyone who is in town. He shows us that guests are given a ten-minute tour of the restaurant before being seated. This includes views of their on-site sake brewery.

Private rooms are available with stunning views of the gardens. You can choose from three different menus starting at 9,000 yen (about $80 USD). You’ll enjoy course after course of fresh delicious food presented beautifully. Some highlights from Chris Okano’s visit include deep fried tofu coated with miso sauce, boiled bamboo shoot with miso, tofu boiled seasoned soy milk, and seasonal fish and vegetables.

The menu changes every single season and each time will be a whole new experience. Ukai does have its own souvenir shop, so be sure to stop there on your way out. This experience pairs perfectly with your trip to Tokyo Tower. Their English-language website can be found here:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.