Japanese filmmaker Yuki Eikawa ultra-high defition 4K series of underrated travel spots in Japan have shown us just how breathtakingly scenic Japan can be throughout the passing of the seasons. With the way Japan takes pride in the distinct aesthetics of the four seasons, it's no wonder that Eikawa turned his camera to a beautiful hot spring town this time, as we just recently saw in Winter they are capable of taking you to bathhouses similar to those in Spirited Away. Eikaiwa now explores Kusatsu Onsen (草津温泉), one of Japan's most beautiful hot spring towns snuggled in the mountains of Yamagata Prefecture.

Kutatsu Onsen is located 1,200 meters above sea level, somewhat tucked away in the mountains. Those who are fortunate enough to access it, however, will find the charming magic of onsen (traditional Japanese hot springs) spread throughout the town. Eikawa brilliantly captures the bustling feel of one of Japan's "three major hot spring" towns rooted in tradition by introducing its atmosphere, crafts, and food--revealing the longstanding allure of the onsen resort in crystal clear resolution. The natural hot spring waters of Kutatsu Onsen are said to have rejuvenating powers, and with such high quality video you feel as if you can actually see them.

Not just a hot spring, but a secluded hot spring town

Bathhouses with natural spring water said to heal your body and your troubles

Nestled in the mountains of Yamagata Prefecture

Rich with culture and food

By - grape Japan editorial staff.