In Tokyo, there are countless yoga studios that many women frequent for beauty and health, but at Beach in the room, you can experience something totally different from most places out there. As the studio’s name suggests, Beach in the room is an indoor yoga studio where you can do yoga while feeling as if you were at a sandy beach!

Warm white sand and the sound of waves... close your eyes and you can find yourself sitting at a real beach. There's nothing like perfecting your poses while balancing barefooted in the sand. According to Beach in the room's yoga instructor Chigira-san, the studio was made to recreate the warm waters and beaches of Hawaii. Can you believe that such a relaxed place exists in Harajuku?

At Beach in the room Harajuku, you can experience mermaid yoga which is perfect for yoga beginners. It’s a yoga style where you lie down and move slowly in a swimming posture like a mermaid. Yoga beginners Hikari Shiina, Ai Matsumoto, and Saki Shibata tried this course!

Increasing the level of difficulty each time, they tried various poses. Ai Matsumoto who surprisingly did not have energy gave up halfway through, but this course goes at a slow pace and beginners usually won't have to worry about getting left behind.

After the lesson, the girls lied down to cool off on the floor. Stretched out on the warm sand with the drifting scent of aroma, they felt as though they were about to fall asleep.

The studio lends out yoga pants, t-shirts, and face towels for free, with the service of detox water “fondant water (flavored water).” Reservations are necessary (*Make a reservation after following Beach in the room’s Instagram or Facebook), but you can finally enjoy a relaxing afternoon with some friends or even just yourself.

*Only people who make reservations will be notified of the studio's exact location.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.