It’s no secret that some of the most breathtaking sceneries of cherry blossoms in the spring can be enjoyed within the 23 special wards of Tokyo. Picnickers flock to local parks to eat and drink under a rain of softly falling petals, while others walk amidst the trees to take a relaxing stroll around the area. However one might choose to appreciate the beauty of sakura, the experience can be made even better with a sakura-flavored drink in hand.

Making that happen is Tully’s Coffee Japan. From March 22nd, Tully’s Coffee stores located within Tokyo’s 23 special wards will be serving sakura-flavored drinks and desserts, while also offering mugs, tumblers, and other spring-themed goods to celebrate one of the city’s most beautiful times of the year. The limited-time spring menu includes:

Sakura Matcha Latte

A drink of elegant Uji matcha and a sauce containing sakura petals. It’s topped with whipped cream, sakura sauce, and sakura-flavored chocolate shavings.

Source: PR Times

Sakura Tea Cappuccino

Fancy a cup of sakura-flavored royal milk tea? This one is drizzled with sakura sauce and topped with frothy milk.

Source: PR Times

Sakura Milk Crepe

This cake is perfect for spring. It has layers of sakura-flavored whipped cream and is topped with a flower-shaped bean paste.

Source: PR Times

Sakura Strawberry Waffle Sand

The soft fragrance of sakura is wrapped delicately along with light cheese mousse in this scrumptious waffle.

Source: PR Times

Other sakura-themed items

Besides food and drinks, Tully’s Coffee will also be offering seasonal goods like mugs, tumblers, and gift cards in original designs.

Source: PR Times

Source: PR Times

All of these products are exclusive to Tokyo’s 23 special wards, so make sure to get them whenever you’re in the area — and don’t forget to go cherry blossom viewing while you're at it!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.