Japanese cat cafe and animal rescue company Neco Republic is always looking for creative ways to find forever homes for rescue cats. In the past they've opened a Tokyo cat cafe staffed only by cats with FIV, as well as hosted a special event to unite shy guys with feline companions. Now they've come up with the genius idea of opening up a hotel that allows guests a room with a view of cats to adopt.

The new cat hotel (Neko Hatago) is located adjacent to Neco Republic's Neko Yokujo cat cafe, and the bedrooms of the hotel are strategically placed right next to the open area of the cafe where cats run around and play. Where you would normally open your curtain to enjoy a skyline or ocean view, however, is a window that allows you to look out and see a bunch of frolicking kitties--and hopefully one to take home!

The hotel bills the setup as a two-way observation. On one hand it provides a relaxing view of cats, and encourages guests to wave their hands and use toys to invite them closer to your room via a catwalk to develop a bond. And while you can close your curtain for privacy's sake, the hotel also emphasizes the unique lodging arrangement of having "cats watch over you as you sleep." Although they politely ask you to refrain from tapping on the glass.

The hotel itself has a traditional Japanese style interior (with plenty of feline wallpaper and decorations), and provides capsule hotel style bedding.

Perhaps the biggest draw to the hotel is the fact that all guests are provided with two free hours at the next door cat cafe, which can even be taken after business hours so that you can get some private time to play with cats and hopefully spark a new friendship with.

Rooms will be available starting December 16th, but reservations are already available online.

Hotel name: Neko Yokujo & Neko Hatago

Address: 14-29 Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku, Osaka


By - Big Neko.