Sometimes, it's hard to imagine a more hearty Japanese meal than tempura-don (天丼, ten-don for short). Battered and deep fried shrimp and vegetables, while crunchy on the outside, are especially prepared to preserve the texture of the meat and vegetables on the inside and served over a steaming bowl of rice. Japanese semi-fast food tempura chain Tenya offers many different tempura bowls to enjoy, and in the past has even offered BBQ Sauce lathered tempura. Now Tenya is offering a doozy of a tempura-don, with a Bacon Chicken Tempura Bowl featuring clam chowder tempura.

While Japan offers up some pretty lenient interpretations of traditional cuisine, whether it be roast beef or Kit-Kat sushi, clam chowder tempura might be a bit of a gooey stretch for some. The tempura clam chowder concoction contains clams, bacon, carrots, potatoes, onions, and a rich clam chowder filling. Judging by the picture, the clam chowder tempura seems to resemble cream croquettes, another popular fried treat in Japan. This is just one piece featured in a ten-don along with tempura servings of chicken, a thick slice of bacon, and Japanese green beans.

The bowl goes on sale March 23 and will be available until April 26th for 730 yen ($6.43 USD) with a serving of miso soup. 40 more yen will get you a soft-boiled egg as well.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.