Source: PR Times

Japan Unleashes Limited Edition Kit Kat Sushi

Japan's myriad of adventurous Kit Kat flavors such as sake is so vast the country even opened a Kit Kat Museum at one point, so perhaps the fact that Kit Kat sushi is being sold this week isn't such a surprise at all.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no culinary rule that dictates sushi use raw fish as a topping, so don't feel too guilty about enjoying these special celebratory sushi Kit Kats. According to PR Times, a specialty Kit Kat store will be opening in Ginza on February 2nd, the first of its kind to be located outside of a department store, and will be selling three Kit Kat sushi flavors.

The three flavors of maguro (tuna), uni (sea urchin), and tamago (egg) may sound a bit jarring at first, but don't worry. These are simply code-names based off the sushi type the Kit Kat versions are modeled to look like. The actual flavors are more in line with dessert chocolates.

The "maguro" Kit Kat is actually a raspberry flavored Kit Kat placed on top of white chocolate covered rice puffs. Nestle Japan says that the sweetness of the white chocolate combines with the sourness of the raspberry to give a taste as refreshing as tuna.

The "uni" flavor is actually the previously released Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese flavored Kit Kat, bound over white chocolate covered rice puffs with a seaweed wrapping as a gunkan-maki sushi. We imagine the ocean-floor taste of uni is hard to recreate in chocolate form, but a combination of Hokkaido's sweet melons and rich mascarpone cheese is as good a shot as any.

Finally, the "tamago" variety makes use of pumpkin pudding flavored Kit Kats on top of white chocolate covered rice puffs, ribboned in seaweed.

The Sushi Kit Kat set is limited to 500 customers who make a purchase of 3,000 yen or more at the shop opening in Ginza between February 2nd and 4th. They will be sure to go fast, but we're working on getting our hands on them for a taste test. If you are in Tokyo, you can find directions to the shop here.

This would be a great time to remind everyone that sushi Kit Kats were once advertised as a sake-Kit Kat pairing as part of an April Fool's campaign. If you get your hands on both, that pairing is no longer a joke.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.