Source: Glico

How To Make A Creme Brulee In 41 Seconds

Usually made from whole egg yolks, Japanese pudding is often compared to Flan or creme caramel and a favorite treat of many convenience store goers. While you'll find a treasure trove of pudding brands to choose from, snack giant Glico's Pucchin Pudding may be the most iconic pudding cup to sink your spoon into. The cup is designed so that a simple flip-over will let the caramel-topped pudding blob slide out into your bowl for a restaurant-style serving. Japanese Twitter user and apparent pudding fan @PRpy8veMpF3rf67 decided to up their presentation points by turning the popular pudding cup into an instant creme brulee with a little kitchen creativity.

@PRpy8veMpF3rf67 got their hands on a sugar stick, and decided to try out something they had always wanted to. Sprinkling a little sugar on top of the pudding to provide a hard surface, they then directly headed up a spoon on the stove and turned it to the pudding to recreate the burned shell that tops a creme brulee. @PRpy8veMpF3rf67 warns to use a separate spoon for eating, and to protect your hands when heating up the spoon. (Apparently someone tried it and...didn't do that. So be careful!)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.