Pens have previously gone from being simple writing tools to technologically advanced gadgets that conduct electricity right on top of a piece of paper, and with the invention of 3D pens, their versatility has expanded even more to include the ability to create miniature food samples from scratch. As with 3D printers, the potential of 3D pens is as immeasurable as the imaginations of those who use them, and it’s no different for German-based artist Sequena.

Sequena, whose real name is Selina, is a 3D pen artist who makes incredibly detailed 3D creations with just one pen. The main theme of her artwork is anime, and when she’s not working at her full-time job, she creates figures of famous characters like Goku, Gyarados, Haku, and Mario’s Piranha Plants.

For those curious to see how the artist makes these awesome figures, Sequena posts time lapse videos of her works on YouTube.

Here's a time lapse of Sequena making Haku from Spirited Away:

See more of Sequena's 3D masterpieces on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Though we don't know what her current project is, we have a feeling we won't be disappointed.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.