Serial snoozers will know that no matter how many alarms are set in the morning, no matter what obnoxious ringtones will be blaring from the speakers of our phones, waking up is still one of the hardest things to do. While little might help to alleviate the grogginess we feel when we’ve just hopped out of bed, there is a one-of-a-kind wake-up call service that could make getting up a slightly more pleasant experience.

The service, named Fisherman Call, gives sleepy users the chance to rise and shine to the robust voice of a Japanese fisherman working in Miyagi Prefecture’s Ishinomaki City. Created by the brilliant minds of the Fisherman Japan organization, this new type of wake-up call just might be the best way to kick the barely awake into action.

The way the wake-up call works is simple. After setting a wake-up time, users will then select a fisherman of their choice. Once that’s done, the only thing left to do is sleep! Come early morning, sleepyheads will get an energy-charged phone call from a fisherman hard at work. According to the video, this is what a conversation with one of the fishermen might sound like:

Boy: Hello...

Fisherman: Morning! How are you feeling this fine day?

Boy: Good, thanks. Are you on a boat right now?

Fisherman: Yeah, I woke up at three and came out to sea.

Boy: Th... three?!?!

Fisherman: We caught a huge fish this morning, I'll send you a picture.

Boy: Thank you!

Source: YouTube

Those who might benefit from such a dose of high-powered energy can visit the Fisherman Call website to choose the fisherman who they feel would be the most promising waker-upper. Each profile features a picture, the daily schedules, and even the recorded voices of the participating fishermen. Reading their daily work schedules could also be a motivator for waking up in the morning, as they reveal that some typically complete a major bulk of their duties before 6AM.

If waking up is hard to do, it could be worth jumping over to the Fisherman Call website to see if this is the perfect solution.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.