While impressive Japanese photographer Hisa (Twitter, Instagram) can show a certain sense of humor with his photography (as seen with his shots of the most stylish Giant Buddha in Japan), much of his work focuses on capturing stunning scenery such as the gorgeous stained glass staircase at the Hakone Open Air Museum.

Hisa can add another gorgeous set of photos to his resume, having perfectly captured the wintery scenery of a the historic mountain village of Shirakawa-go in all its snow-capped splendor.

Source: @Hisa0808/

Source: @Hisa0808/

Shirakawa-go is a remote mountain settlement that is famous for its farmhouses (the oldest of which are over 250 years old) that use a traditional thatched roof structure called gassho-zukuri ("made like hands clasped in prayer") to withstand heavy snow. The settlement is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the the scenery of the traditional farmhouses blanketed in heavy snow is one of Japan's most iconic winter images.

His certainly captured it as breathtakingly as possible with a longshot that makes you feel the cold just by looking at it. If not for the road and street lights, it may even look as if it were taken 250 years ago!

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By - Big Neko.