No bride? No problem. With the help of a headset, a marshmallow, and a video game, a man in Tokyo was able to have a VR wedding ceremony with an anime character this past week (June 30th).

Romance and adult game developer Hibiki Works sparked interest their erotic game Niitzuma: Lovely X Cation (New Wife: Lovely X Cation), in which players court one of three female partners, become physically involved, and eventually even get married. While that typically wouldn't be a departure from most Japanese adult games, Niitzuma: Lovely X Cation ran a campaign offering a special twist--a virtual reality marriage ceremony where players would slip on a VR headset, exchange vows, and even "kiss" the bride at a wedding chapel in Tokyo.

You may be wondering just how that works, but this video via Ruptly TV should give you a visual demonstration. If you're wondering, the "kiss" with the bride is simulated by a staff member holding up a marshmallow for the player to smooch.

Despite what some sensationalized takes may lead you to believe, no, this is not in fact a booming trend in Japan by any means. The player in question here was selected out of a pool of applicants for a special lottery event, which has zero legal implications. Given the buzz surrounding the ceremony pictures, we wouldn't be surprised to see more application periods open or more developers incorporate these kinds of ceremonies into promotional work for their games, however.

As you can see, this first ceremony included an actual priest, actually changing into formal wedding attire, a kissing a marshmallow--so future ceremonies will have a bar to clear. A detailed photo collection of the ceremony can be seen at Panora.

Here's a promotional video for the game.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.