Japanese miniature artist Mozu (@rokubunnnoichi) crafts some incredibly impressive and lifelike dioramas, but what truly stands out is his "Kobito Series" (Small People Series).

The series envisions detailed miniature worlds built by people living within our walls, sometimes behind power outlets.

His YouTube channel, "Mozu's Miniatures" introduces his series of miniature and trick artwork, and also provides tutorials on crafting your own.

The miniature spaces shown on the channel are so elaborate that they could be mistaken for real scenery.

Mozu has said that an inspiration behind his miniature works is that it takes him back to his elementary school days, when he was obsessed with plastic models. This is evident in a brilliant stop-motion animation he made as a high school graduation project--take a look!

For more awesome miniature worlds within walls, be sure to follow Mozu on YouTube!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.