Whether it's the breathtakingly lifelike fish at Japan's hotel staffed by robots, or Softbank's cute domestic-assistant robot Pepper singing Beethoven in a choir, Japan's constantly improving and impressing field of robotics seems to embrace all aspects of practicality, humor, and even a little bit of creepiness. One shining (well, not so shining) example of that is the DORODOROBO (ドロドロボ), featured at the Fujisawa Design Week in 2016.

What separates it from other standout Japanese robots you may have seen? One look at it's appearance and function should tell you--it's a poop robot with terrifying demonic eyes that erupts in fecal liquid.

You might simply write this off as another entry in the growing hall of fame of "OMG WTF Japan", but there is a little bit of method to this poopy madness. DORODOROBO ("doro doro" means "muddy" or "slimy") was developed by Omorobo (Interesting Robots), a robotics development project that has a knack for making "nonsense" robots, inspired by the simple "hey wouldn't it be cool if this type of robot existed?" brainstorming sketches of children.

You can check out a lot more of Meiwa Denki's less dirty, but equally child imagination fueled robot designs here and here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.