Whether it's because of so many people staying at home these days or simply the inventive nature of the game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have been on a roll with showing their creative side since the massively popular game was released. In recent months, players have done everything from recreating the retro atmosphere of Showa era Japan to crafting incredibly detailed explorer's guides and treasure maps.

Japanese Twitter user and Animal Crossing player Tsukimaro (@HUb0E61kOpP3F0a) has shown an impressive level detail in an awesome Animal Crossing project that may be setting the bar. Not only have they created an island inspired by Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away, but also recreated the beloved animated film in-game scene by scene.

Tsukimaro's island masterfully recreates the charming world and characters of Hayao Miyazaki's celebrated film through clever use of clothing and picture design. In a series of Twitter posts, Tsukimaro has staged classic scenes from Spirited Away to retell the movie's story, including Chihiro finding her parents turned into pigs, her meeting Haku, Yubaba's bathhouse, and of course, No-Face's gluttony.

The (currently) 12-part retelling of Spirited Away is a delight for Studio Ghibli and Animal Crossing fans alike. Be sure to follow Tsukimaro on Twitter, where you can follow along on the awesome project and find some cool Studio Ghibli inspired designs they've provided.

By - Big Neko.