Source: @kasuga_maru

Miniature Sushi Art Looks Good Enough To Eat

Japan made a name for itself internationally with its feats of miniaturization. The thinnest portable audio players, the smallest full-featured still and video cameras, the list goes on and on.

Food is no exception. Although sometimes, the portions in Japanese restaurants may be small compared to average portions in other countries, there are actually enthusiasts who create miniature edible works of art and those who cook miniature food, a favorite being sushi. It's astonishing to see a tray of sushi recreated in all its details and with authentic ingredients yet so tiny it could fit on a table in a doll house living room. The only disadvantage with real food, of course, is that it can only be enjoyed for a brief moment before going to waste.

Artist kasugamaru's miniature sushi creations offers a solution to the problem since they are made from polymer clay and resin. While they aren't edible, they are permanent and will always retain their vivid colors and intricate details.

source: @kasuga_maru

Here are some more sushi creations. Zooming up close, they look real enough to eat!

Sushi is not the only thing kasugamaru creates.

Here are some specialties from Wakayama Prefecture: Salmon yukke bow;, sea bream rice bowl, Wakayama ramen, and octopus inari

There are also pickled vegetables and realistic-looking bottles of umeshu plum wine.

The creations being so popular, they are often sold out at kasugamaru's online shop, but they can otherwise be purchased when the artist appears as part of the creative group Mercier at events in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture.

In the meantime, you can view more of these astonishing miniature creations on kasugamaru's Twitter feed or Instagram account.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.