Whether it's vintage Japanese sukaban jackets embroidered Princess Mononoke characters, or a No-Face Piggy Bank that devours coins, burps, and plays the Spirited Away soundtrack, Japan always seems to have a new and interesting take on Studio Ghibli-themed merchandise. One latest addition, however, celebrates the always charming My Neighbor Totoro with the touch of ancient and traditional Japanese pottery.

Shigaraki ware is a type of stoneware and pottery that belongs to Six Ancient Kilns of Japan, produced in Shiga prefecture. The jars and pots made from Shigaraki Ware are known from using sandy clay found in Lake Biwa, and often have a glass-like glaze with finger prints left behind on the finished product. Shigaraki ware's might most strongly be associated with tanuki--the large scrotumed Japanese racoon dogs who beckon good fortune as statues.

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It turns out, for the Shigaraki ware artists at Meizan Kiln, another forest-roaming cheerful spirit makes for some excellent pottery as well. Meizan's craftsman hopes to deliver the traditional art to other parts of Japan and the world by painstakingly making each piece by hand, and he hopes that Studio Ghibli's Totoro can help out with the cause.

Totoro Trio Set (11,664 yen)

Totoro Mugs (3,240 yen)

Totoro LED Lamp (4,104 yen)

Totoro Chopstick Rests (2,916 yen)

Japanese bookstore and oddity shop Village Vanguard has all available to order (as well as a No-Face model) at their online shop. Unfortunately, they have yet to be restocked after selling out, but Meizan has international shipping from their own official online shop as well.

By - Big Neko.