Fidget spinners have finally made their way to Japan and stress-relieving goods continue to enjoy popularity here. Anything you can pull or squeeze generally fits the bill, as we've seen just recently with these cute mini shiba inu face toys.

At the same time, the currently trending kimokawaii (gross/ugly and cute) aesthetic, responsible for things like these cute but creepy cat manju dumplings, for example, also seems to have carried over into the stress toy market.

Illustrator and Twitter user @KooShe94 was in for a surprise after coming across this particular toy, since the gross factor is not immediately apparent, as you can see in this picture.

source: @KooShe94

The video, shown below in the original tweet, was prefaced by: "My mother bought this strange toy, and it's slowly getting funnier (the more I play with it)..." You can see for yourself:

If you couldn't view the video, here's how the toy works:

source: @KooShe94

Squeezing its sides forces some kind of slime out from a slit in the mouth which is not clearly visible at first sight.

source: @KooShe94

Then, if you place the toy in its squeezed position next to the slime, you can cause the slime to go back into the toy's body through the power of suction


A search on the internet for "vomit" and "toy" reveals that there are already similar toys on the market outside of Japan, so it shouldn't be difficult to get your own... if that's your thing.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.