Although the Japanese don’t strictly celebrate Christmas, come winter it’s a steadfast tradition for various districts of Tokyo to furiously attempt to outdo each other with dazzling LED light displays.

Each year the Caretta Shiodome shopping mall is a major player in the battle for seasonal supremacy. This time they are looking to wow the public with an homage to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast live action remake from earlier this year.

The theme will be realised through ‘candle-like’ LED lights and by featuring the ‘magic rose’ from the movie. Music will also used, intended to invoke the image of the iconic ballroom dance scene.

For die-hard Disney fans, there are also various photo spots and special displays scattered around different areas of the mall.

The event starts from 16th November 2017 and the lights are switched on 5pm-11pm each day.

The organisers of these seasonal illuminations are so competitive that even the number of LED lights that will be used is released to the public, so they can easily compare displays. Caretta Shiodome’s count comes in at 250,000 lights which is quite modest compared to some others. For example, Keiyakizaka next to Roppongi Hills is set to boast over 1 million lights this year.

All the same, the romantic Beauty and the Beast theme is sure to make Caretta Shiodome stand out as in Japan, winter illuminations are notorious ‘couple spots’. The display runs until Valentine’s Day, giving plenty of chances for amorous moments to occur!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.