Wool-felt art is done by knitting wool fibers into shapes with special needles. In the past, we've seen talented artists in Japan use it to create incredibly lifelike shiba inu dolls and even gigantic wearable cat heads.

Wool-felt artist, Fujitasatomi's (@fujita_satomi) latest creation is now getting similar hype in Japan.

Each cat has such a cute expression! “Framed Pussy Cat”

Fujita works on creating many crafted-animals and other every day tools with wool-felt fabrics, but her recent main creation has been on "Cat frames."

Take a look at what Fujita can do with these ordinary looking wool-felt fabric and eye parts…

Source: @fujita_satomi

How cute are they?!

Source: @fujita_satomi

With a closer look, you can see that each cat has different facial expression.

A clever looking or shy looking… they all look just so sweet.

There were many comments on the post:

“So many different colors and facial expressions but they are all so cute!”

“How cool! It makes me smile just by looking at them!”

“It’s like magic what these simple materials in the first photo could turn into!”

Fujita’s crafts will be available for sale until June 29th, 2020 at “CREATORS FESTIVAL in LOFT Nagoya”, an event held at the LOFT, Nagoya location.

Because each cat looks so different from one another, you might have a hard time to decide which one to pick!

We highly recommend you go check out her creations at the event!

By - Mugi.