Japan is bursting with natural wonders due to distinct seasons and diverse prefectures. From snowy Hokkaido at the top, to tropical Okinawa at the bottom of the country. Here are ten photos that show the sheer range and unbelievable beauty of Japan's different areas.

Aomori prefecture is at the very north of Japan's mainland, Honshu. This rock formation, Hotokegaura used to only be known to locals but nowadays is accessible for tourists by boat.

The Kurushima Kaikyo bridge connects Hiroshima prefecture on the mainland to Ehime prefecture on the island of Shikoku. The kanji (Chinese characters) for Ehime mean 'love' and 'maiden' so references are often made to it being the prefecture of love. With romantic scenes like this who can blame them?

Back up to Hokkaido, the most northern prefecture, Lake Toya is situated in the Shikotsu-Toya National Park. An active voclano, Mount Usu, stands proudly beside the lake.

Yakushima the mysterious and sub-tropical island off the coast in Kagoshima prefecture is home to the Okonotaki waterfall. Tourists can hike through the forests and view ancient cedar trees more than 1000 years old.

No Japanese nature photo compilation would be complete without a spring-time blossom entry. Yugawara Plum Grove is located in Kanagawa prefecture, the next prefecture over from Tokyo.

Mount Gozaisho is the highest peak in the Suzuka Mountain Range in Mie Prefecture, central Japan. There's a walking trail and if you can make it to the top you can see the picturesque Ise Bay, the Japan Alps and Lake Biwa. On a very, very clear day you can even see Mount Fuji.

Mount Karakuni is the highest peak of Mount Kirishima. Miyazaki prefecture is down south on the island of Kyushu where you can enjoy coastal and mountainous scenes.

Tochigi prefecture is home to Nikko, a popular tourist attraction easily accessible from Tokyo. City slickers looking to immerse themselves in nature often take a day trip here from the capital.

Not to be overlooked are Japan's beaches. Being an island nation means there's plenty to choose from and plenty to boast about. This is Amaharashi Beach in Toyama prefecture, situated in the northern centre of Japan.

Wakayama prefecture in Kansai, south of Osaka is called 'the Kingdom of Fruit' due to the high quality produce grown in local farms. Tourists can even engage in fruit-picking while enjoying epic views such as this.

If you're into nature photography, Japan is a dream come true, the most difficult part is choosing which of the 47 prefectures to visit. But hopefully this collection gives you some ideas!

By - Jess.