Comic Con is still a recent import to Japan, this is only Tokyo’s second ever. But no stranger to conventions, they can’t resist a chance to cosplay and put their own twist on this distinctly American event.

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There were plenty of very Japanese exhibitors in attendance. A beautiful display combinined ikebana (traditional flower arranging) and samurai armour. If you head over to the food court, there is also the chance to sample cuisine cooked up by Sumo wrestlers.

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A Ninja café held their own booth where women in revealing ninja-esque outfits and six-inch heels twirled flashing nun chucks around. A performance which can be described as entertaining if not entirely historically accurate.

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A staple of every recent comic book convention, there were of course a couple of friendly Deadpools in attendance.

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And a Supergirl gang.

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Even Santa found time in his busy schedule to make a festive appearance.

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But with the upcoming movie release, this year’s con is all about Star Wars. There were plenty of cool photo ops.

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A ton of merchandise.

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And exhibits.

The were special guests in attendance including the legendary Stan Lee, but you have to pay extra for meet and greets which may discourage all but the diehard fans.

Of course, the biggest part of Comic Con is the cosplay so look forward to our cosplay round up coming soon!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.