It's no surprise that with the Netflix release of mega popular anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, we've been seeing a string of all new Evangelion goods, with everything from Evangelion scissors designed by a traditional Japanese cutlery maker to transforming Evangelion wrist watches.

It appears there may be a market in the overlap of a Venn diagram of Evangelion fans and gardeners, however, as Evangelion goods series A.T.FIELD EVANGELION WORK is teaming up with watering goods maker Takagi for an Evangelion Unit-01 inspired automatic hose reel.

It's called the "A.T.FIELD automatic winding hose reel", and sports the color theme of Evangelion Unit-01.

While it may prompt a "did we really need this?" from some, we have to admit, adjusting the nozzle and whipping up the cord at the press of a button while listening to tense battle music from the Evangelion soundtrack makes for a much more entertaining car-washing experience.

The item is on sale for 9,800 yen from the Evangelion Store in Japan (Ikebukuro and Hakata locations).

By - Big Neko.