When Japan's Unko ("poop" in Japanese) Museum first opened up in Yokohama, many were surprised to find rather than a strictly informative exhibit on the subject, it was established as an interactive celebration of poop as "kawaii". Well, it turns out the initial museum and poop-related activities within were so popular, that an all new Tokyo branch is opening up with updated games and goods.

The new crappy iteration of the museum will be located in the Diver City entertainment complex of Odaiba, with certain reprisals and updates of popular Yokohama features. This includes the Crappy Game Center and Pooperactive area (an area where kids can run around and play with interactive poop exhibits), an arcade that will have "7 poopy games" to play, including one that requires you to stop falling poop with your hands.

The Insta-poop area (poop-themed setup intended for funny pictures to post on Instagram) now will feature sparkling poop structures a "Poop Mart" where guests can take pictures of themselves visiting a poop convenience store, as well as purchase poop goods.

The "Poop Factory" area functions as the museum's gift store, and sells museum-exclusive crappy goods.

The most mysterious area is one tied to the museum's official mascot character, "Unberto" ("Poopberto"), an anthropomorphized lump of poop who carries his own toilet. In the concept art, he seems to be welcoming you into the ominous space-like abyss of his magical toilet he uses to create the kawaii poop filling the museum.

Finally, the Poop Museum will be getting its own theme song to celebrate its Tokyo opening, made by musical producer tofubeats. He says he tried to make "a song sent from the butt to the entire world."

Those looking for a Tokyo poop experience can give the giant toilet bowl for a spin starting August 8th.

Address: 1-1-10 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo Diver City Tokyo Plaza 2F

Hours: 10:00 AM~9:00 PM


By - Big Neko.