Hot on the news of the new animated Mario film to be released, YouTuber 'Mr.TVCow' has given us a reimaging of the game's classic storyline as Cat Mario sets out to rescue Cat Princess Peach.

Mike Tivikoff, the Russian filmmaker behind this, and other awesome YouTube shorts showcasing the acting skills of his fluffy friends, stars alongside the cat as Luigi.

After finding a missing cat poster for a ballgown-clad cat named ‘Princess’, Cat Mario sets out on his adventure. The Mario homages don’t just end at the costume, graphics from the game have been superimposed over the real world to show Cat Mario traversing through pipes, collecting coins and many other fixtures of the series.

The skit ends with a humorous twist on the ‘Our princess is in another castle’ trope.

It's worth checking out the Mr.TVCow YouTube channel for more videos like this including an Assassin's Creed with kitty assassins!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.