Enthusiasm for table tennis in Japan is booming at the moment after some strong performances in international competition, and it's getting harder to find a week that Olympic medalist and all-around sweetheart Ai Fukuhara isn't making an appearance on a television variety show. Whether Takkyu Geinin (Table Tennis Entertainer) was inspired by that success or not, he definitely embodies passion for the sport with these unbelievable comedy ping pong trick shots!

He's gained so much popularity in a matter of months that he's even put out an English subtitled trick-shot video that shows off Ping Pong Boring (well, bowling)--where he successfully converts bowling strikes and picks up challenging spares with table tennis skills! He even shows you how to propose to your girlfriend and dodge attacks with ping pong.

If you want to follow more of his videos and check out his impressive trick shots, be sure to check out his YouTube channel.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.