Cats tend to have a reputation, perhaps unfairly, for being fickle and even uncaring at times, and that's likely why it's doubly as cute when they show humans their affection. Japanese cat owner Kosuke, @(HOMEALONe_ksk) may have just provided us with one of the most adorable examples of that, with this video of his cats impatiently and longingly greet him after leaving his house for just a one hour run!

As you can see, it seems as if Kosuke's one hour absence felt like an eternity to his loyally waiting cats, who greet him with a chorus of guilt-inducing meows and head rubs. Understandably, the video has become a hit on Twitter and spread by many jealous cat lovers. You can follow more of Kosuke's cats at his blog, here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.