As children, our imaginations were captured when Ash rode his Lapras across bodies of water to continue his journey in the Pokemon animated series. Ever since that moment we've all known that the ideal way to get around is on the back of a Pokémon. Now we are ever so slightly closer to that reality.

Premium Bandai are currently taking advance orders for a 1.2 metre high Lapras which you can actually ride. Well it doesn’t move, but sitting atop a stationary, giant Pokemon in your living room is probably the closest we can get.

Source: Premium Bandai

It’s called the ‘Definitely Want To Ride Lapras’ and their marketing is spot on there, because what fan could resist this childhood dream come true?

It’s classed on the website as a cushion, but this giant plushie could easily be used as a sofa if you want to take it beyond just decoration and use it as functioning furniture.

Source: Premium Bandai

Although a large Lapras plushie was previously sold, it was only ridable by children, while adults had to look on and pretend to be happy for them.

The ‘Definitely Want to Ride Lapras’ is the second installation in the ‘Zettai ni’ (definitely) series, meaning there may be more to come. The first was the ‘Definitely Won’t Wake Up Snorlax’, so who knows what other giant Pokémon will make us definitely do or not do something next?

Source: At Press

You can now place your order on the Premium Bandai website and it should arrive in July this year. But the item isn’t cheap. The realisation of a childhood dream will set you back 79,400 yen.

It seems like a hefty price but as they say, if you’ve gotta catch 'em all, you’ve gotta catch 'em all...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.