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Natto Doesn’t Deserve Its Bad Rep Among Foreigners

Natto 納豆 -- fermented soy beans.

Nutritious, flavorful, and good for your health (for example, it contains the enzyme nattokinase which reduces blood clotting), natto frequently makes an appearance in traditional Japanese breakfasts. If you have done a homestay in Japan or tried the Japanese breakfast option at a Japanese hotel, chances are you have seen it before. However, perhaps due to its pungent smell and its stringy consistency resulting from its fermentation, natto is often mentioned as one of the foods that foreigners least enjoy. Even some Japanese people don't like it either.

But what if enjoying natto was simply a matter of knowing how to prepare it? What if combining it with other ingredients could turn it into a food that even the most natto-averse would suddenly find palatable and even enjoyable?

Such was the proposal that manga artist Ouzisama (@ouzisama) made on his Twitter account on March 8th:

In an ongoing thread, he posted a total of four panels filled with suggestions for preparing and paring natto, which immediately went viral and garnered close to 112,000 likes and 50,000 retweets at time of writing.

In fact, they looked so good that we thought this may even have a chance of converting some of the natto haters out there, so we took the liberty of translating them for you:

Source: @ouzisama

Source: @ouzisama

Source: @ouzisama

Source: @ouzisama

What do you think? Granted, some of the suggestions are a bit strange (vanilla ice cream, for one), but most of them look great!

Some of the comments on Twitter were:

  • This is heaven for natto lovers!
  • I was waiting for such a list.
  • Now I really want to eat natto on a steaming bowl of rice!

Don't you want to eat some natto now? Not a chance, you say? Come on...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.