Portrait photography becomes compelling when the photographer seems to capture something about the subject through the image, something that becomes clear to the audience as soon as they look at it.

This Japanese photographer managed to perfectly capture his grandmother’s playful spirit, while simultaneously displaying his own warmth and affection towards her in these bright and heartwarming photos. The photos became a viral hit on Twitter after being posted by photographer YASUTO.

Fittingly, the backdrop for the portraits are some quintessential examples of Japan’s famously beautiful natural phenomena throughout the changing seasons. The enduring image of Japan, the cherry blossoms are shown in this springtime moment.

Source: yasuto8888

The weeping wisteria trees which form romantic purple curtains at the beginning of summer.

Source: yasuto8888

Pastel hued hydrangeas.

Source: yasuto8888

The colourful leaves of autumn time also make an appearance.

Source: yasuto8888

When posting the set on Twitter, the photographer shared his personal reasons for starting the series of portraits. He regrets that he never had the chance to take photos of his grandfather, so he was making sure to do so for his grandmother.

The images and touching words moved many commenters to write that they were reminded of their own grandparents, showing the power beautiful photography can have on our emotions.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.