Super clingy cat refuses to let go of owner's arm in heartwarming video.

Fair or foul, cats don't exactly benefit from a stereotype or reputation for affection. Fortunately, true cat lovers who've been through thick and thin with their furry friends are no stranger to knowing the quirky ways with which cats can show their feelings (which often manifests itself as adorable stubbornness and curiosity). Japanese Twitter user and cat owner Kanekirika (@Kirika_ma_cos) doesn't seem to need to put up with such antics, however. Their incredibly clingy and affectionate cat, Yamada, has a very overt-way of show his love for his human as she simply refuses to let go of his human's arm and throws a temper tantrum at even the slightest movement.

The most spoiled cat in the world

Kanekirika has said on Twitter in the past that Yamada does not behave like this with just anyone, and that the paralyzing hug is the result of over-spoiling the cat, and that if he ever so slightly moves his arm, Yamada reacts as if he's just had his favorite toy taken away with a purring, but very adamant wail.

Despite the whiny voice, this cat has an adorably strong grip!

This of course, has made Yamada a cat celebrity--even among other cats!

Immobilizing though it may be, it's likely a burden many cat lovers would love to have.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.