You're not supposed to play with your food, but if you can make something this cute and still enjoy your meal afterward, then we think there's no harm done. Japanese Twitter user @orucadao whipped up this adorably delicious feline masterpiece, turning a staple of traditional Japanese food into cutesy artistic plating.

@orucadao took a plate of grilled Pacific Saury ("Sanma" in Japanese typically enjoyed by cats in Japanese animation), and molded the daikon-oroshi (grated daikon radish) into two cats enjoying a fishy meal together! While the shapes alone are spot-on, added dashes of soy sauce give the daikon kitties some life-like furry patterns as an added bonus. One way to enjoy grilled fish in Japan is to place a dollop of grated daikon and soy sauce on top of the fish before eating. Using ingredients already on the plate, @orucadao created a cute and almost romantic image of two cats enjoying a nice night out at an izakaya.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.