Interview with Survival Game (Airsoft) Idol Kasumi Takara

In our report on Akiba Base Shooting Cafe & Bar earlier this month, we brought along survival game idol Kasumi Takara to help us out. After we enjoyed all the exciting features of Akiba Base, we asked Kasumin (as she's called by her fans) about airsoft culture in Japan and her relationship with guns.

grape Japan (gJ): "Could you talk about the difference between the “survival game” airsoft culture that you’re a part of and real guns?"

Kasumi Takara (KT): "The Airsoft guns we use today have restrictions on their power, so they’re very safe. If you hit someone at very close range, it may hurt, but Japan has established specific limits on their power and if you go beyond that limit, you’ll be arrested. Everyone wants to have fun shooting their airsoft guns within that safety zone, which is why the sport has become popular with adults, women, old people, even children... I’ve never shot a real gun and I have no interest in real guns whatsoever. I think of them as something entirely separate."

gJ: "Would you say that airsoft culture was inspired by video games?"

KT: "Video games, movies… You can pretend you’re the hero in one of those stories..."

gJ: "Any movie in particular?"

KT: "Biohazard is one..."

gK: "How about the House of the Dead arcade games?"

KT: "Yes, since zombies aren’t humans, it’s ok to shoot them...(laughs)"

gJ: "Do you watch horror movies?"

KT: "I like horror movies and zombie movies but they’re scary so when I watch them, I like to hold this (picks up her gun). When I’m watching horror movies on my TV at home in my living room, I can’t watch unless I’m holding my gun. It’s comforting… I mean, you never know when a zombie will come through the door, right? (laughs) Airsoft gamers in Japan are all like that. I heard of one gamer who accidentally shot at her TV."

gJ: "So your gun's almost like a plush toy for you?"

KT: "Yes, these cushions are cute too..."

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Kasumi Takara, survival game idol and anisong singer

Kasumi Takara has modeled since 2012 for Airsoft magazine “Gekkan Arms.” Since then, she’s toured Japan to participate in Airsoft tournaments and has been active as a writer. She also performs music live in Tokyo. Her original song “Break” was used as the theme song for the Airsoft Channel, an FM radio station in Okinawa.

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Source: © grape Japan

Since 2017, she is the leader of the Survival Game idol group F.PRiNCESS.

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“I love anime and I’m hoping to become an anisong singer, so I upload my covers to YouTube.”

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Source: © grape Japan

You can follow Kasumi Takara on Twitter and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

If you’d like to see her sing live, you’ll find her at The Anime Land F, a live event for anime songs, game songs and character songs held every second Friday of the month at Asagaya Drum in the Asagaya neighborhood of Tokyo. See their calendar for details.

By - Ben K.