The story is pretty universal, a boy in class daydreams that he is doing something much more exciting than listening to a teacher’s boring lecture. In this case, it’s engaging a monster in a classic anime-style battle, which suspends all the laws of physics. But what makes this video stand out is the ingenious way in which artist Shinrashinge (@shin___geki) animates it.

We’ve seen this artist’s ability to bring his 2D frames to life before in the form of his flip book stories and rotating paper cups.

But this story is on a whole new scale as he constructed sets for his drawings, and perfectly choreographed his filming, as seen in the behind the scenes at the end of the video.

The artist uses the physical set to create dynamic movements in a creative and clever way. He runs his phone over the paper models while recording so they pop back up at the camera, making fast-paced movements reminiscent of anime action scenes.

The story also features signature anime sound effects, creating a piece of art somewhere between a manga and an anime.

This illustrator's imagination knows no bounds, check out his Twitter for even more creative story-telling techniques!

By - Jess.