The spirit of Japanese invention continues to provide us with the answer to questions we didn’t even know we had. Like what if all the popular drinks we know and love suddenly became clear? How would that positively affect our lives?

It seems we will all soon be able to trick our co-workers into thinking we’re nourishing our bodies with affordable, dependable, healthy water, when in fact we’re indulging our vices with a bottle of capitalistic cavity-causer Coca-Cola.

The ability to hide our shameful fizzy drink addictions and the novelty factor seem to be the only plausible reasons that the clear drinks trend has caught on in Japan. So far, we’ve had clear latte, clear milk tea and clear melon soda.

Coca-Cola Japan describe this new product as one with a wide appeal from adults to students and grandly promise that it will bring a special summer to Japan. The zero-calorie beverage will have a refreshing lemon taste which will suit the season well. It'll go on sale all over Japan from 11th June 2018.

As novelty trends go, taking all the colour out of things seems a bit bland. Hopefully this attack of the individuality of soft drinks will be overturned soon and the next trend can be sparkling rainbow unicorn drinks.

By - Jess.