It certain select venues in Japan, you can order a scoop of ice cream floating in your bowl of ramen. A stunning culinary twist so intriguing everyone is desperate to try it at home with their instant ramen.

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Or possibly not.

But to be fair, Baby Star ramen is not instant ramen in the usual sense. It’s a snack version which can be eaten without cooking it (although apparently you can cook it if you choose). The dried noodles have been cut down to handy bite size pieces for that sodium-kick on the go.

Just in time for summer the company behind the popular snack is releasing Baby Star ramen ice cream. These chicken noodly treats are used in the flavouring of the ice cream itself and a healthy portion are sprinkled on top.

The ice cream has been specifically formulated to complement the taste of the Baby Star ramen. The main flavour is butter caramel, but in order to truly bring out the snack’s chicken flavour there are ‘hidden’ soy sauce undertones. The saltiness of the snack is theoretically a perfect match to the thick and sweet ice cream.

You may be sceptical about the compatibility of these strange bedfellows, but they say this rich taste can become addictive. If you're tempted to test this claim out for yourself the product is available to buy in 7-Eleven convenience stores across Japan.

By - Jess.