Energy drink fans are familiar with the iconic "slash marks" that adorn the label of Monster Energy cans and help illustrate the brand's "unleash the beast" slogan, but Japanese original figure maker @nendoseizin1987 couldn't help but imagine just what creature was causing those marks. The freelance artist mused in a Tweet, "After drinking a Monster Energy, I imagined just who was behind these claw marks, so I tried making it."

The result is a cycloptic taloned creature with a a psychedelic aesthetic fitting of the energy drink brand, made from sculpey polymer clay.

@nendoseizin1987's talented works and garage kits have even been on display at Japan's popular Wonder Festival in the past, so he's no stranger to dreaming up nightmarish but stylish creatures in the form of impressive model figures. Be sure to follow on Twitter for more awesome designs.

By - Big Neko.