We’ve waxed lyrical many times on this site about the charms of Kyoto during fall, but if you can’t make it there this year, there’s a small consolation in Tokyo.

There’s plenty of beautiful examples of latte art in Tokyo, and Canvas Tokyo have become famous for their rainbow lattes and trendy interior design, becoming a favourite of hipster coffee lovers.

This November the coffee shop is bringing a bit of Kyoto’s beauty to their lattes with autumn leaf latte art in a fiery red and orange gradient. The area’s famous green tea is also utilised, as the houjicha latte and houjicha hot chocolate is also on offer. Houjicha is a type of roasted green tea.

The traditional Japanese vibes continue with doughnuts made to look like dango. They come in various striking colours made from flavoured powders. Choose from black sesame, matcha, berry berry, purple sweet potato, soybean flour or milk.

How to Get to Canvas Tokyo, Hiroo

Here’s how to get your hands on the most Instagrammable lattes in Tokyo this autumn:

Canvas Tokyo Website

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya, Hiroo 5-19-6

Closest station: Hiroo

Latte and doughnut sets are about 800 to 900 yen

By - Jess.