If songs like the one below give you fond memories, it may mean that you're an anime fan who enjoyed the soundtracks of Dragon Ball Z episode and movie dubs. It also now means that you're listening to music composed by a recently elected United States Senator in Texas.

Nathan Johnson (Democrat), known to anime fans as a composer for five Dragon Ball Z film dubs a multitude of episodes as well, defeated Republican incumbent Don Huffines to claim a Texas senate seat on Election Day Tuesday with 54.1% of the vote. While that may be the headline for Dragon Ball Z fans, Johnson's resume more significantly includes providing pro-bono legal counsel for the Human Rights Initiative of North Texas and co-founding a law firm that helps businesses resolve legal disputes. Still, he can now boast about being the only United States senator to compose for one of the biggest anime and manga franchises of all time.

In an interview with The Dao of Dragon Ball, Johnson said he feels the principles of teamwork found in Dragon Ball and the nuanced perspective of the fans in regards to issue were part of his platform, despite an unusual career trajectory. With FUNimation being headquartered in Dallas, he was able to connect with fans on the campaign trail as well.

By - Big Neko.