Food-shaped pet beds that turn your cats and dogs into napping treats have become popular lately (including this adorable fruit tart cat bed), but one of our favorites may be a series of instant noodle pet beds that recently turned a shiba inu into a fluffy bowl of udon.

Japanese Twitter user and cat love Kana (@misa12_25) is showing the beds can do the same for cats with their two noodle bed modeling kitties, Surume and Mugi.

Source: @misa12_25

Source: @misa12_25

While most cat owners know it sometimes be pretty difficult to get cats to cooperate with the new beds you buy them, it appears that Surume (Abyssinian) and Mugi (Russian Blue) took to the noodle beds quite quickly--perhaps since they looked to delicious.

Or maybe it's because the feline duo have experience with food props before--here they are adorably modeling mayonnaise and sauce bottle hats.

You can follow Kana and their adorable cats on Twitter, as well as find soba, udon, and ramen beds on Amazon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.