Matcha fans are absolutely spoilt in Japan. The country can’t get enough of the bitter green tea flavour and there’s a constant influx of matcha desserts, drinks and even main meals like green tea curry.

One point of jealousy, felt by overseas Japan fans, is the crossovers between the brands we know and traditional Japanese flavours, such as Starbucks Japan's enviable matcha creations.

Lindt, the swiss chocolate brand, is known for their creamy, luxurious chocolate. This Christmas, their branches in Japan have combined this sweet chocolate with a matcha topping for a very festive looking hot cocoa.

The rich hot chocolate is available in either dark or milk chocolate. The topping, which resembles a Christmas tree with a smattering of snow, is made from matcha white chocolate whipped cream. It’s decorated with bits of meringue, a red strawberry sauce and chocolate curls.

Exclusive to the Ginza branch of Lindt, you can drink the beverage without being exposed to the winter chill, in the warmth and comfort of a cafe. The non-takeout version comes in a clear mug with an extra decoration of a holly leaf.

Despite not being traditionally associated with Christmas, it seems matcha’s festive colouring makes it the perfect addition to the holiday season. Lindt's Matcha Hot Chocolate will be available from 1st November to 9th January 2019, costing 669 yen for the take out version and 1234 yen for the sit in drink which is only available at the Ginza branch.

By - Jess.